Erica Canepa is an Italian freelance documentary photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Coming from a rich background in art (BA in Art Restoration) and intercultural learning, she has graduated with a MA in Photojournalism (merit) from the University of Westminster (London) in 2011.

She is particularly passionate about daily life stories that examine the human condition.

Her work has appeared in several publications, among them Time magazine, The New York Times, BBC, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News, BuzzFeed, Internazionale, Monocle, Marie Claire, 6mois, La Stampa,, and it has been exhibited in London, Germany and in various cities in Italy.

Erica participated at the Eddie Adam Workshop XXXI.

INSTAGRAM TAKE-OVERS: @fotofeminas (2018), @womenphotograph (2018), @Everyday_italy (2016), @Qhubeka (2015)

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